Simple Things

Simple Things

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

#4 of 365

Giving a friend a hand then sitting down round a big kitchen table with a brew, talking about church, how much we love it and really savouring conversation between two girls who love their Lord. Sweet. (Plus mint magnums....mmmmmmmmmm!)

#3 of 365

Day late again... maybe I should start a theme! Well I had a great day yesterday, BBQ with friends from church. Just love BBQ's, chatting about God over a good pork chop holding a pint with the Sound of Music on in the background... beltin

Monday, May 29, 2006

#2 or 365

day behind all ready.... argh! Church today was good. During communion was sat at the back and smiling at my friends little baby Charlotte. It took one smile by me and she burst into laughter (she's only just started doing this). It was one of those beautiful moments.. a little thing thinks i'm funny!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

#1 of 365

Well my first post of 365... I cannot guarantee they will be every day however is the joy of a magical mystery smoothie maker! Man alive half price in the Debenhams sale and I love it! truly love it. It makes me feel healthy, yet I have fun and it's so easy to clean! Great Joy... picture will follow!

Small Beginnings

I've just joined the revolution! What a great idea. Just as I'm sat in the house alone with this being a week long prospect and feeling a bit low, I stumble across Bish mentioning Becci's blog idea. And here I am!