Simple Things

Simple Things

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

#53 of 365

Being able to revel in feeling manky. Sitting on the sofa, watching tele and drinking lots of clean cold water (Something to be joyful about on its own!).

#52 of 365

Playing frisbee with a friend on the green while the sun was setting

#51 of 365

Listening to Marcus Honeymonster and being struck anew with the message of Phillipians. God is good man

#50 of 365

An impromptue visit to the beach where the sand was hot and the water cold. Watching daddies with little girls. Ah the simplicity

#49 of 365

Sitting in the boiling heat with feet dipped in icy water. Enjoying the company of a good friend. Cooking rice pudding on a BBQ. Listening to small children whose main concern with each other is 'How old are you?'... and then they are friends. Ah, the simplicity!

#48 of 365

Watching old programmes that you used to love that you haven't seen in ages. And all the feelings of an age gone by coming back!

#47 of 365

Adoption, redemption, justification and sanctification

#46 of 365

Catching up with friends, always nice

Monday, July 10, 2006

#45 of 365

Falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! Joyful!

#44 of 365

Remembering so many memories when I went back to my primary school - I loved that place! And a teacher still remembered me!

Dancing and singing and smiling at my friends doing Abba-Toire!

#43 of 365

Seeing my Grandad (89) and his girlfriend laughing so much that they almost cried!

#42 of 365

Having enough good things to mean I'll be unpacking for the next week!

#41 of 365

Being in a boiling hot car and then being able to sit outside having my lunch while it started to rain!

#40 of 365

Going on an interview, getting the right result, and getting a Chritian interviewer!

#39 of 365

A train with air-conditioning!

#38 of 365

Lunch with friends and copious amounts of sunshine!

#37 of 365

Sitting outside in the evening sunshine having a barbeque, watching hot air balloons fly over!

#36 of 365

Finishing a job,knowing that it was totally right that you did it!
Being in a room full of friends knowing there is no where else you want to be.