Simple Things

Simple Things

Friday, June 30, 2006

#35 of 365

Man alive, one of the best feelings in the world has to be when you are boiling hot and ultra thirsty and you eventually sit down to a glass of ice cold water!

#34 of 365

Having a day filled with so many different things.... watching 2 Disney films, walking through the park, having roast dinner, doing a bible study and chatting lots. Best of all it was with my favouritist relaydeez!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

#33 of 365

Screwing up my face, making popping noises, puckering my lips and twitching my nose. To the normal person insanity to my friend Charlotte (6 months) fantastic!

#32 of 365

Writing thankyou letters realising that it's very cool I have people to be so thankful to!

#31 of 365

So Monday... hmm. Have left it too long, can't remember... think spending an evening doing really nothing is a simple thing... I'm sure when I'm totally busy I'd die for an evening like that!

#30 of 365

Fantastic day. Chatting to a lady at church who had managed to find my blog through the wonders of google when she was googling the vicar (a woman after my own heart!). Anyways she was really encouraged by reading it and I was very encouraged by her being encouraged... so this is for you!

#29 of 365

Actually getting round to going to my local country park and walking up the summit to get a brilliant view over Lancashire. Pair that with eating strawberries and it not raining and it's all good!

Friday, June 23, 2006

#28 of 365

Was looking at a little birdie today out my window and it was looking at me eating a worm and I was just thinking that God looks after and provides for that bird... how much more for me. I am taken care of 100% sweet!

#27 of 365

hmm... lots of rain and I was under a roof nice and warm.

#26 of 365

Jesus loves me this I know... for the bible tells me so! Wahoo

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

#25 of 365

I just love it when you have been talking about a song that you like and then ten minutes later it comes on the radio. Good ol sing song!

#24 of 365

I love the simplicity and universitality of board games. Watching Huw today nearly pop a vein in this head becasue he was laughing so much at the game and then laughing until my belly hurt with the rest of the team was magic

#23 of 365

Sleep. Sleep is a joyful thing. Being so tired that you know when your head hits the pillow you'll be out. mmm

#22 of 365

Second wedding in two weeks, also fantastical! The simple things I enjoyed that day were all in combination at the same time, which makes for a very good afternoon. There was hot weather, good buffet, great views, an hour in the avo of chilled out time. It was one of the most chilled out weddings I think I've been to. Twas great!

#21 of 365

hmmm, had to think hard about today's. Travelled down to Chard today and felt so horifically ill all the way down I guess I didn't notice much. Something I do remember enjoying tho was at the wedding rehersal in the evening the sound of the acoustic guitar when plugged in was amazing. It went from simple strummy guitar to something so rich and enjoyable... love it!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

#20 of 365

2 today - Like Kath, the feeling and joy of both Crouch scoring and my friends big whoop reaction to it, it was a very cool moment after enjoying a BBQ.
- Second, babysitting. The baby starts screaming but you manage to calm it down and then keep an eye on the joyous baby monitor as the screen stays perfectly still, no wiggly lines. It's a beautiful moment knowing a little one is in the land of nod!

#19 of 365

Sitting with a bunch of old lady Christians knowing that we're all in the same big family even tho are lives are miles apart!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

#18 of 365

Clouds man... they looked just awesome today and I think I just realised that they never look the same. God created them so beautiful and yet we so often forget to look up more!

#17 of 365

Lying down in bed, in a warm house, under a duvet and on a matress. How many people in the world don't have that!

Monday, June 12, 2006

#16 of 365

Getting pushed head first into a paddling pool when it was boiling hot was nice. Listening to two litlle boys laughing themselves silly over a computer game with a man on a bike. Those laughs were just totally unadulterated, wonderful

#15 of 365

Another fantastic day. Having cooked breakfast with another 10 people over a family dining table was cool. As was playing frisbee in the park. As was watching a game that was totally boring but with friends was good. As was going with friends to a pub to watch the world go by, having good food, playing games with no lenghty preparation or implements. As was an early night

#14 of 365

Saying goodbye. Maybe not totally joy but knowing that I was placing all those people into God's care to see them again was cool. As was being able to write notes to people telling them how they impacted your life.. words can never sum that up

#13 of 365

man what a great day. Highlights would be eating burnt marshmellows around a campfire AND
listening to guitar in the outdoors AND
hearing 60 voices unite to The Lord is gracious and compassionate and Amazing grace whilst staring into a fire which lit peoples faces up real nice. Totally awesome

#12 of 365

Listening to people who have had a really tough year be brutally honest made me cry but not because of what actually happened to them rather they were tears of joy about how happy and grateful they were that they were part of God's family and he sustained them and will never leave them

#11 of 365

A few for today:
10p can buy you blue ice in a tube when everything else around you is boiling - oh the joy AND
birds always sound happy AND
sitting on a swing with a friend in the sun is top AND
sitting on the grass and playing with daisys should be done more often!

#10 of 365

Today I think it hit me how different all Christians are and thats really cool! AND another thing that filled me with joy is the content feeling your tummy gets when its had a good meal in relaxed company

#9 of 365

Today I was greeted by my friends dog who seemed so bowled over to see me. I love the way animals can make you feel when they're like that!

#8 of 365

At the wedding I went to I just kept seeing the bride and groom catch each others eye from across the room, that gaze said it all

#7 of 365

I'm on right royal catch up today after being on conference and at a wedding... so let's cast our minds back to last Friday...

Getting things done fills me with joy and last friday I had a mammoth to do list and I got it all done, thats makes me a very happy lady!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

#6 of 365

I just love (and try to remember more often) that I do a job where I can sit in a uni lecture hall hearing Jesus be explained in a relevant way to a bunch of non-believers over lunch, then hang about as the gospel is chatted through to people and then go and sit with a friend/boss and talk through why my job has been so great all before 3 o'clock in the afternoon when there are a lot of people in 9 to 5 jobs who hate it.

I'm very blessed.

#5 of 365

Had team day today and we went down to the local park which has a brand new rather swish duck pond. We then spent the next 10 minutes feeding the ducks. Beko got chatting to this little lad and it just struck me that no matter what age you are feeding the ducks is a very rewarding trip out, it was great. (Exept for Povey who was trying to hit as many ducks as possible with the bread... think he'd of made great friends with the 10 year old!)